No one wants to find themselves in trouble with the law. Getting arrested and being taken to jail is likely to be one of the most traumatic experiences you have faced. An arrest can be distressing for everyone involved. This situation can be especially upsetting for family and friends. Knowing how best to help your loved one can be challenging, but getting bail bonds is a useful first step. 

What does Bail Mean?

In basic terms, bail means that in exchange for a payment, it is agreed the person in jail can be released on condition that they attend their court trial. There are three main ways to post bail for your loved one:

Types of Bail

Surety Bail Bonds: Bail bonds can be bought from a bail company. Bail in California is typically set at 10% of the total bail amount. This means that you will need to find out the entire bail amount and get bail bonds worth 10% of this amount to get your loved one out of jail until their court date.

Property Bail Bonds: If you are a property owner, it is possible to use the property as collateral for the bail bond. But, if the defendant skips bail, your property will be at risk of being seized by the court.

Cash Bail Bonds: Cash bail bonds is the term used to describe when the full bail amount is paid. Paying the entire bail amount secures the defendant’s release from jail until their court date. If the defendant attends their court date, the cash amount paid as bail will be repaid by the court after the case. Any fees accrued during this time will be subtracted from the amount returned when the bail is repaid.

If the defendant does not attend their court date, the bail amount already paid will be forfeited, and the full bail amount will be due. A bounty hunter will likely be instructed to track down the defendant if they skip bail.

What is Felony?

When it comes to being arrested and charged with an offense, the classification of the offense matters. Being charged with a misdemeanor is very different from being charged with a felony. But you may be wondering what the difference is between the two. 

Misdemeanors are classified as more minor offenses. Examples of misdemeanor offenses include charges such as petty theft, vandalism, and drunk driving. Punishments for misdemeanors usually result in a fine, probation, or less than a year in county jail.

Felonies are considered much more serious offenses; these crimes are considered either violent, serious, or a combination of both. Examples of felonies include murder, robbery, and burglary. Being found guilty of a felony can be punishable by death or incarceration in state jail.

What are Felony Bail Bonds?

The amount in bail bonds you will need to pay to secure the release of a defendant from jail in California is usually set at 10% of the total bail amount. If the defendant has been charged with a felony, the bail amount is likely to be significantly higher than if they had been charged with a misdemeanor. 

A misdemeanor may command total bail of a few thousand pounds. However, for a felony, the bail amount could be hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions. These high bail amounts mean you could need to post tens of thousands of dollars to allow your loved one to get out of jail on bail. Accessing this amount of money is not easy, and you may be concerned about how you will raise the funds you need to post bail. This is why obtaining a surety bond is the most common way to raise the money to secure the release of your loved one on bail. To obtain a surety bond, you need to choose a California bail bond company that will get this sorted out for you.

Choosing a California Bail Bond Company

Posting a bail bond to get your loved one out of a California jail ahead of their trial is a crucial task. You need to choose the right bail bond company to ensure that their release runs smoothly and happens as efficiently as possible.

To be authorized to issue bail bonds in California, the bail bond company must be licensed. It is advisable to check that the company has a license before you commit to using them. You can check that the bail bond company is licensed using the Check a License function on the California Department of Insurance website.

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